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It's back to school time !

"How was your day? What did you do at school? What did you learn today?"

Parents often find themselves automatically asking their children these questions when they get home from school.

But more often than not, children respond with: "Fine. Nothing. I don't know."

They aren't interested in opening up and sharing about their day.

Tell me 3 things about your day

To inspire a more enjoyable and meaningful end-of-the-day conversation with your loved ones instead of "How was your day?" !

Asking different questions and avoiding "How was your day" altogether can  prove fruitful.

Let's direct the conversation in a different way and let's give our kids an opportunity to open up about it.

The goal isn’t to fix their problems but to invite them to think through their day and extract something valuable from it, even if it was a frustrating day.

We want to hold a supportive space for the highs and lows, to reinforce successful strategies, to celebrate their joys, and to offer empathy where needed.

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate and support the people you share your home and life with! 

click the link for an easy download, print it and have fun!

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