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having friends who like my art!

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Tell me three things about your day...

To inspire a more enjoyable and meaningful end-of-the-day conversation with your loved ones instead of "How was your day?" try something new! Here are some ideas to help you celebrate and support the people you share your home and your life with.

(In my home this list is on the fridge!)

FINAL tell me 3 things about today WITH

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3.and...I would love to hear how it goes!

Does your child’s bedtime routine seem to take forever? Do you feel like you have to drag your child through every step? 

Bedtime routines are really frustrating for lots of families. You may wonder why your child refuses to wind down. But for some kids, it’s not about avoiding going to bed. They might be having trouble remembering and following the steps to get there.

That’s where a bedtime checklist comes in. Pictures and checklists can help kids keep track of and follow a routine. A checklist shows them what they need to do before calling it a night. It also helps them remember the order to do things in.

Download a checklist to help your child follow nighttime routines.

(In my home the checklist is taped to the wall next to my son's bed!)


Bedtime check list!

bedtime check list white last.jpg

(And to complete your Bedtime routine check out the turnaround book written and illustrated by me

 "It's Bedtime ! A true story!")

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Happy Valentine's Day! from me  to you

These printable Valentine cards will be perfect for any one of your friends or family members this Valentine's Day.

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3.Happy Valentine's Day!

Roar means I love you

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