Your  kids' dreams into a unique whimsical illustration.

"If you can dream it ,

you can do it" 

This project is dedicated to all the dreamers, little and not so little anymore.

Every month I will pick one from the submitted ones and I ll create a free illustration.


Submit your kid's dream and KEEP SUBMITTING if doesn't get picked! 
1. Your kid  LOVES telling you HIS/HERS dreams...the "what you wanna be " conversation will never be a dull or boring one, trust me :)
2. Chances are that his/her dream this month will not be the same next month, or the one after.
3. I personally LOVE hearing from you guys, please do not stop! Children dreams are my main inspiration.

Alec and Niko
Alec is two and half years old and lives in Mountain View (CA). He and his little brother Niko love dinosaurs. Niko wears baby clothes with dinosaurs and Alec plays with dinosaurs all day long.His favorite Dino is the T-Rex and his dream would be to go back in time and spend one day in the Dino forest!
Barcelona , February 21 2020
Lavinia: 3 years old lives in
Perugia (Italy).
She loves ballet and horses.
When she grows up she wants to be
a leopard!
Faenza, July 24 2019
Ezra: 2 years old lives in Orlando (FL).He loves playing with trains, especially Thomas the Tank Engine. He plays with imaginary trains wherever he goes.His favorite song is Baby Shark! He loves dancing !
San Francisco, June 28 2019
Matan and Orel
Matan and Orel are two brothers and best friends living in San Francisco. Matan (4) dreams of being a firefighter and a superhero. Orel (2) lives in a magical world of French and Spanish songs, with vaca Lola and Souris verte being his favorite.
Faenza, July 26, 2019
Livia is 7 years old and lives in Coulsdon (London-UK).When she grows up she wants to become a scientist working for NASA, collecting samples from the space.

Barcelona , November 12 2019
Theo will be 4 years old in a few days! Lives in Marin County with his mom and dad.He loves classical music, Mozart, planets, ice cream sandwiches and legos.He plays cello, violin, harmonica and piano.. When he grows up he wants to be a concert pianist and drink coffee.
Barcelona January 23rd 2020
Damien: 3 years old lives in San Francisco.
He dreams of becoming a firefighter and to go to the moon with his fire engine.
Faenza, 2 August 2019
Madeline and Declan
Madeline is 4 and Declan
is 2. They sleep in same room in their new home in Russian Hill, San Francisco. They dream of narwhals and mermaids.

Faenza, July 29 2019
Nicolo’:3 years old lives in Faenza, Italy.He loves constructions sites. He would spend the whole day watching.When he grows up he would like to be an architecture engineer.
Faenza , 5 August 2019
Gabriel : 4 years old, lives in San Francisco (CA). He loves dinosaurs, the outer space and his doggie Lucas. As a grown up he wants to be a firefighter.

Faenza, July 22, 2019
Lilou: 3 years old lives in San Francisco. She dreams of going down a long slide that ends into a pool of chocolate! As a grown up she would like to be a singer.

Faenza, July 31 2019
Ettore is 4 and half years old and lives in Palo Alto (CA). He loves spaceships , astronauts, asteroids and all kinds of airplanes and flying machines. He constantly builds with legos. He wants to become a pilot when he grows up.
Barcelona, October 1st 2019
Walde, Farallon, Nicasio
Walden, Farallon and Nicasio live in San Fracisco They love narwhals, dinosaurs and ballet. Walden is 4 years old and dreams to become a ballerina. The twins are 2 years old and want to be dinosaurs when they grown up. San Francisco, October 12 2019
Alessandro: almost 4 years old, lives in San Francisco (CA). He loves dinosaurs, outer space and the ocean. As a grown up he wants to be an Octonatus. He asked to be in draw in a picture togetehr with his favorite dinosaur, his doggie and a twinkle twinkle litte star. ( His favorite song ).
San Francicsco, June 26 2019
Jasper: is 4 years old,
lives in San Francisco (CA)
He loves volcanoes and when he grows
up he wants to be a famous volcanologist
who will help save people’s lives!

Faenza July 18, 2019
Marla rose
Darla Rose: 4 years old lives in in Staffordshire, UK. Darla loves gymnastics, Unicorns and her French Bulldog Meeko. When she grows up she wants to be a writer of stories for children.
Faenza, 7 August 2019
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As a way of keeping track of my son's dreams and likes and  I started creating special illustrations for him every year, showing his dream at that age. I have asked my friends and community to share their kids’dreams and

I have been blown away by how many people took the time to write me.

Now as a way to give back to the wonderful community that supports me and my art I have decided to gift one kid each month his/her personalized illustration of “if you can dream it you can do it”


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