If you can dream it ,

you can do it. 

Madeline and Declan
Walden, Farallon, Nicasio
Darla Rose
Matan and Orel
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    The Dream Project!

 I am looking forward to hear your kids's dream!
Every month I will be picking one to illustrate. The lucky dreamer will receive a FREE jpg of their personalized image!
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Spread the love, spread your wings, DREAM BIG...

How it all started: I love listening to my son (now 4) talking about his dreams, his likes and dislikes, and what he wants to become when he grows up. I would love to record our conversations, to remember all the details, to freeze his sweetness in time so that I can go back to it every time I want. He is growing and changing too fast.

To keep these memories I have decided to create a special illustration for him every year showing his favorite dream at that age.

A world without art is like a blank piece of paper.

Art brings color and passion to life and brings joy to me. I love to show my world in a little drawing and making art can change my mood from sad to happy.

I live to make art and if you want to follow me along my artsy funky path  click here

I would be honored to have you with me!

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