Laura Dallagata



I am Italian and I am a freelance illustrator.

After living in Milan, London, New York and San Francisco I am now calling Barcelona home.

I live by the sea with my husband, son and dog .

I love everything cute, colorful and full of whimsy., I love traveling, cooking and running but most of all  I love being a mom.

Life all around me is what inspires my art .

I am always looking for new and exciting project that challenge my skills and allow me to grow creatively.

I work in a variety of mediums, traditionally and digitally. Please, contact me for commissions.

Thank you for stopping by!


A world without art is like a blank piece of paper.

Art brings color and passion to life and brings joy to me. I love to show my world in a little drawing and making art can change my mood from sad to happy.

I live to make art and if you want to follow me along my artsy funky path  click here

I would be honored to have you with me!

© 2018 Laura Dallagata.​