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"It's Bedtime! A true story."

a turnaround book teaching children bedtime routine

Written & illustrated by Laura Dallagata

Written and illustrated by me, inspired by our own reality. One that many other parents can relate to.

Two stories in one unique TURN AROUND BOOK.

Sometimes it's BED time otherwise is BAD time ! Which is your favorite? :)

Enjoy this sweet Bedtime book that will teach your kids to follow their bedtime routine and let me know how you guys like it! I LOVE to hear from my readers!

Thank you!!





It can be hard to find books that both my kids and I enjoy reading, especially ones that I enjoy reading over and over and over again as they like to do. This one definitely fits the bill. The art is fun and whimsical, and and the turnaround idea is so clever. LOVE! I think it'd be a great gift for the holidays or for a kid's birthday- I love gifting books and this one is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

This gorgeously illustrated book had my laughing and shaking my head along with the characters in the book! As a parent I know that bedtime can be fun and easy or it can be challenging full of unknown escapades, and I found solidarity with these stories.
My daughter loves reading both stories and asks for them multiple times!

Our kids absolutely love this book, both stories. They also love how the book is reversible and how easy it is to flip to the other story. A definitely well written book with beautiful and colorful illustrations and at least one story that all parents can relate to... I highly recommend for any family with fun kids that enjoy a good book.

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