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“LionessE “
A Children’s Book About Perseverance, Strengths, & Resilience based on the childhood of a brave girl!

Illustrated by me with the magic words of Fernanda de Oliveira, inspired by the real life of Evelyne Keomian, the founder of Karat School Project.
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The story:

Every day E. watches kids going to school.
She was told education was not for her. Because she was a girl .
But one day something happened.
Little E. decides to listen to the voice inside her and make the change happen.

This books tells the beautiful story of the empowering journey of E.
A tale about grit and resilience that will inspire kids from all over the world to follow their dreams .

 Donate to the Kickstarter today, if you haven’t already. 


If you have already contributed, please share with your friends and invite them to buy a copy of the book! 

The Kickstarter funds will be used to pay for illustrations, printing, and other upfront costs related to producing and distributing the book. Every dollar counts and I’m counting on YOU!

In addition, proceeds from this book will be supporting the mission of the Karat School Project to help break the cycle of extreme poverty for children and women through education.

 Thank you!

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